First Flavors for Lunch

Fried Green Tomatoes goat cheese, red pepper coulis 9
Pan Fried Chicken Livers country ham, caramelized onion jus, parsnip puree mgf 9
Pimento Cheese house made b&b pickles, celery, benne seed crackers mgf 7
Crab Toast celery salad, peppers, grilled semolina bread 11

Soups & Salads

Today’s Soup 3.75 cup | 6 bowl  She-Crab Soup, fresh cream, sherry 6 cup | 8 bowl
Georgia Lettuces today’s vegetables, mustard vinaigrette gf 8 with grilled or fried chicken or shrimp 17
Caesar romaine hearts, crispy okra & grit croutons, grana padano mgf 8 with grilled or fried chicken or shrimp 17
Roasted Chicken Salad mustard greens, pecans, ricotta salata, pomegranate gf 12
Soup & Salad cup of soup and choice of caesar or georgia lettuces salad mgf 11
Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Chopped Salad
local greens, benton’s bacon, cucumbers, valbreso feta, balsamic vinaigrette mgf 17 grilled or fried chicken

South City Specialties

Catfish Reuben swiss cheese, country ham, horseradish slaw, thousand island remoulade, marble rye mgf 12
Springer Mountain Farms Fried Chicken collard greens, red bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jus mgf 19
Shrimp & Geechee Boy Grits our tasso ham, smoked tomato-poblano gravy mgf 21
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake our tasso ham-artichoke hash, over-easy egg, chive hollandaise, tomato relish 18


Pulled Pork BBQ horseradish coleslaw, h&f bun mgf 10
Pimento Cheese Burger house made b&b pickles, bbq mayonnaise, red onion, hand cut fries, h&f bun mgf 14
“Nashville Hot” Fried Chicken our jalapeno hot sauce, house made b&b pickles, white bbq sauce, h&f bun mgf 12
Smoke-Roasted Turkey arugula, pecan-smoked bacon, swiss cheese, cane syrup mustard, semolina bread mgf 11
Smokey Beef Brisket pickled banana peppers, white cheddar cheese, horseradish cream, h&f bun mgf 13
Griddled Ham & Cheese our tasso ham & pimento cheese salad, spiced apple, semolina bread mgf 10

Lunch Plates

Georgia Mountain Trout bush beans, roasted potato, meyer lemon vinaigrette gf 19
Grilled Salmon red quinoa, collard green kimchi, orange tupelo honey gf 19
Beef & Mushroom Meatloaf roasted cauliflower puree, swiss chard, roasted mushroom jus pickled fresnos gf 16
Geechee Pork Stew field peas, collard greens, blistered tomatoes, fried egg, hazelnut romesco, grilled sourdough mgf 15
Spring Risotto herbed rice, green vegetables, pea tendrils, grana padano gf 16


collard greens gf 6
fresh heirloom tomatoes gf 6
roast fingerlings gf 6
geechee boy gritsgf 5
red bliss potatoes gf 6
hand cut fries 5
collard green kimchi gf 6


Sour Dough Beignets pecan pie filling, bourbon anglaise 9
Bruléed Banana Pudding banana bread, sweet cream, lang du chat gf 9
Chocolate Caramel Angel Pie chocolate silk, devil’s food, salted caramel chantilly 9
Lemon Doberge Cake lemon chiffon, lemon curd cream, poured fondant 9
Red Velvet Cake mascarpone cream, cherry coulis, chocolate streusel 9
French Coconut Cream Pie coconut chiffon, bavarian cream, mango curd 9
“High Road” Ice Cream and Sorbet locally sourced, seasonal selections 9